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notomys asked: On Gendry in Season 4: someone on the westeros forum claimed they met Joe in a bar and he told them he wouldn't appear. Please take that kind of thing with a whole barrel of salt, there is no way to prove that person was telling the truth - and I don't think the actors are even allowed to talk about their involvement like that. Usually, if a character is referenced, they are bound to show up, and Gendry was referenced. (Also, look where Brienne's storyline is already.)

thank you!

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Anonymous asked: I thought it was already said that he would not be in this season? :O

wow actually i don’t know? can anyone confirm

happystriker asked: Is Gendry going to be in season 4 of game of thrones?

yesssss he is, hopefully soon!!!

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game of thrones meme | six relationships 
(5/6) "As m’lady commands"

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Noble Houses

House Baratheon

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game of thrones meme | six relationships 
(5/6) "As m’lady commands"

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arya and gendry + home

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